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Care Instructions





The most comfortable pillow you have ever slept on!!!

Whether you like a firm pillow, a soft pillow or anything in between, the Snooztime Dreamer Evolution and/or Anytime is for you. How can this be? It’s been built in/engineered from the early stages of development.

  1. EXTRA FIRM: Your pillow comes in its own case (which we’ll describe in more detail below). By leaving the pillow in its own pillow case and then placing it into another additional pillow case, it becomes an extra firm pillow ideal for those who need lots of support.
  2. FIRM: The custom pillow case included with your pillow has two sides. The velour side utilizes a special fabric which stretches in all four directions. By limiting the amount of stretch, the velour side creates an increased level of support. So if you want a firm pillow, then just sleep on your pillow, in its own case with no other pillow case, velour side up. This is the preferred use among many side sleepers.
  3. MEDIUM: Opposite the velour side is the spandex side or the pillow case. This fabric also stretches in all four directions (which is important for consistent support) but it can also stretch farther than the velour side. This results in a softer, cooler feel and allows the head to sink down into the pillow more. This is perfect for people that like to sleep on their back.
  4. SOFT: To get a really soft, down-like feel, simply remove the included custom pillow case. The inner pillow itself is encased in flexible four way spandex. It is super soft and stretchy… everyone loves it. This way is best for the person who sleeps on their stomach.
  5. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: All Snooztime pillows can be hand washed or machine washed. Just toss a towel in with the pillow to balance out the washer and use a mild detergent. DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH! Placing the pillow inside a cotton pillow case or laundry bag protects the material from stretching. While this Snooztime pillow is approved for machine washing, hand washing may extend the life of the pillow. The pillow may be air dried or placed in a dryer on a low to medium heat setting. Minimal shrinkage may occur with first washing.

Regardless of which way you use it, our special fill called microbead duplex allows the pillow to move when you do. It instantly adjusts to keep you comfortable all night long. The duplex fill is engineered for maximum air flow which means you can stay cooler and rest well!